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    Mental Performance Coaching 

    Performance coaching is a bit of a passion for me because in 2021 I attended the Paralympic Track and Field trials in the 100m sprints. Unfortunately, in that race, I only ended up with a silver medal and missed my opportunity to make it to the Tokyo Olympics and I was devastated afterward. It was so bad I even considered retiring as an athlete. After receiving sports performance training at the University of Richmond I was able to find and establish new meaning in what I was doing with my life and discovering my “WHY”. This has allowed me to continue my athletic career and become a member of the US National Blind Soccer Team. So, I can personally attest to the benefits of performance coaching for us as athletes.

    Benefits of Mental Performance Coaching:

    • Competition Readiness
    • Helps with Competition Anxiety and Stress
    • Increased Motivation
    • Increased Confidence
    • Finding your WHY

    How do We work?

    Our main goal will be to first identify the barriers that are keeping you from being a more legendary you. Secondly, we will break down your barriers and utilize our science-based TPP (Therapeutic Performance Pathway®) intervention. Third, you have heard of performance but have you heard of preformance?

    As an athlete, I am sure you have trained physically throughout your career but how much mental training have you had? Have you ever heard your coach tell you to FOCUS or to CONCENTRATE? Unfortunately, for you, your coach is not training you on how to focus or concentrate because these are mental skills that many coaches neglect in their coaching philosophies. Usain Bolt’s legendary coach Glen Mills stated “You can be fit but if you’re not mentally prepared for the challenge ahead, you will fail”.

    Ideally, Mental Performance Coaching should be a part of your everyday training. LegendaryU can help you not only enhance your performance but get you thinking like an athlete. Many athletes wait until they develop bad habits before they seek help but studies show that utilizing a mental performance coach alongside your weekly training can significantly increase your performance results.

    If you would like to schedule a meeting with me to talk about some of the challenges you are having in your sport, please feel free to reach out I am excited to hear from you.

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